Wednesday, 26 April 2017

On the way to and from work...

Hi there,
Thanks for joining me today.
I often get asked how I come up with something to write about every day.
Not hard; I pretend I’m talking to a friend, which isn’t hard! And I’m a right chatterbox when I get going!

I am mindful of what I say, because I hate to offend anybody. 
But that’s how I try to handle life. 

On the way to work this morning, alone in my car, I was wrapped up in all things Clarity. TV proposals, new designs, cashflow, 
etc, etc, etc. 

As I was passing through Edenbridge, I caught sight of a Mum or carer struggling with a wheelchair, attempting to cross the busy road. I have seen the person in the wheelchair over many years on the route to and from work. She wears a helmet, and is very heavily disabled, but this is the first time I have seen her not on her feet, being pushed in a chair. She looked low. 
She’s about Grace’s age, I would say.
In a nano-second, she brought me right back from wherever my head was, to her. There’s me worrying about blimming bank accounts, a meeting in London, Groovi club plates and what have you, and these poor souls are battling with a wheelchair on a rocky road. And I mean that in more than the literal sense.
My eyes were wide open by now, and not 50 yards on, there was another young woman - again, about Grace’s age -  with a heavy physical disability, struggling with every step she took, but doing it - albeit slowly. 
Yep, and there’s me flying along in a flash car, 
frustrated with the heavy traffic. 

So today has been a good day. 
One filled with humility and gratitude. 
We worked hard in the design department, had a laugh, 
and were very effective as a team.
They are a delightful bunch. I love them.

On the way home this evening, once again alone in my car, there was a serious accident on the route, so I said a prayer for the poor people caught up in the crash, and took a diversion across the Ashdown Forest. 
Oh My Goodness.
The gorse was spectacular! An ocean of bright yellow against a moody blue sky, just like this:

And sprinkled everywhere were bluebells.
Carpets of them underneath the woodland trees.

I wonder if the girls from Edenbridge ever get up on the Forest...

I feel lucky to be alive, and at many different levels. 

In fact, I feel so much gratitude today, I could cry.
Do you get me?

Dear God, 
please remind me 
for granted.

 Love & hugs,