Wednesday, 21 February 2018

FINALLY !!!! Groovi Re-peelable Label Indexing

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Here’s something many of you have been requesting:
An indexing solution for your Groovi Storage.

Re-peelable label indexing stickers.

Moving forward from after the TV shows this March at the NEC, all our Groovi Plates - new and old - will each come with a 
re-peelable label on the plate inside the packet, at no extra cost,
with a picture, what we call it and the code number.
So you can peel the label off the plate and stick it on the sleeve in your Groovi folder where you want to store said plate. That way when you take it out to play with it, you can easily find its home to put it back! 
And, there are photocopies of all the labels in the pack too, so you can create a reference folder if you want to, too.
And a lot of us do love a good indexing system for sure. 
I know I do! Saves you hours of looking.

Way-hay!! I hear you say!!!
What about the 500 + plates we have already bought ???

So lovely Lisa at work spend an age compiling, collating and producing a pack of ALL the labels for ALL the plates we have produced thus far.

Pack of 21 Sheets of stickers - 502 stickers in total 
+ photocopies to help reference.
Includes the entire Groovi collection from the very first plate, 
right through to our brand new releases from the up coming NEC show in March.

RRP £19.99
(+club discounts, of course)

Anyway, that’s it folks.
Just wanted to make you aware of this indexing pack, which covers every single Groovi plate since the start.
This has proved an expensive venture, so forgive the cost. Going forward, the labels will be included free of charge.

Next stop Stamps and Stencils!!!
But let’s sort out Groovi first.

Love & Hugs,