Thursday, 20 July 2017

Fairy Fairy Exciting....

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!
What a smashing day we had today at the Clarity retreat.
Well, I certainly enjoyed it, and the vibe was great.

Rossella (aka Rosie) joined us this time, as a guest.
She was in her element - she helped massively with the picot cutting on Day 1, and had a blast with the Gelplates and stamps on Day 2. It was great to see her so relaxed and enjoying herself. 
She just took off back up north, to get ready for her One Day Special on Hochanda, which starts on Saturday evening at 6pm.

Oh boy ! Have we got a treat for you !
A Fairy special treat in Groovi AND Stamp.

Two brand new, exquisite sets of Fairy stamps,
illustrated by our Mel
(here’s one...)

This masterpiece was created by our Ann Ruffles,
who was also at the retreat!

In addition, there are six A6 Fairy Plates plus a verse spacer.

Our Jane Telford designed this lovely piece.
She was at the retreats Monday and Tuesday!!

Rosie is launching both Stamps and Groovi on Saturday evening, so do tune in. Methinks she will be busy. 

Do you somehow get the feeling that we are all good mates?
Good! Cos we are!
Our Clarity family is close. I love that.
I have spent the last four days in the company of some of our oldest and dearest friends and customers. 
I know most of them personally, too.

It has been brilliant for me. Hard work of course, and I wouldn’t want to try it without Churchy there all the way!! It’s a bit of a marathon for us. But just to be able to catch up with friends and spend a little time together. We should do it more often!!

I was sad to see this group go this evening.
But that’s life. I look forward to welcoming a new group tomorrow. 

Tme to go to sleep now.

Love & Hugs,