Saturday, 27 May 2017

Eenie meenie miney mo.....

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Sun’s out, and I’ve spent all day clearing up and cleaning this pit of an artroom. Still doesn’t look very different,
but it is! Has been seriously thinned out.

Remember the other day, 
I made this print with one of our new pod stencils?
special offer: 5 for 4.

And this was the copy paper scrap.

I deliberately used thin copy paper to blot, 
so I could make a canvas with it.

Cut the copy paper to fit an 8” x 8” canvas board 
- well, a teeny bit smaller.
I was keen to hang on to all the grungy stuff at the bottom of the print, so opted for a larger canvas. 

This is a piece of cake.
Cover the whole canvas with Mod Podge. 
I like Matte myself.

Lay the copy paper print onto the wet canvas board,
and use a brayer to carefully spread and flatten.
Aim of the game is to not get too many creases, 
so going slowly with the brayer is prudent.

Add a coat of the same Mod Podge to the top.
Gives a lovely finish.

So we’ve got the crisp canvas,

and the mellow print with shots of yellow.

It impresses me that both pieces come from the same art process.

Which one do you prefer?
I can’t choose.
Eenie Meenie Miney Moe....
Maybe they can sit next to one another 
and keep each other company.

I mean together, they make a whole, right?
And yet they can stand alone too. 

Velly intelesting....

Love & Hugs,

PS Don’t forget Rosie is on Hochanda tomorrow.
Bank Holiday Weekend, bless her.
11am. 2pm. 5pm.
I shall be watching and cheering her on.