Saturday, 25 March 2017

The solitary Tree

Hi there,
Thanks for joining me.

Started this a while ago, this lone tree throwing a reflection.
Decided it needed a backdrop....

Little moon mask,
little frame with masking tape,
torn hill...

Beautiful pink sunset this evening.
Let’s roll it in from the horizon.
Rosy Cheeks Artistry ink + Brayer.

Now for the hills.
Pampas Artistry Ink pad + brayer

Finally a vignette using
Aged Stucco Artistry ink pad + Stencil brush.

Remove all the masks.

Spritz the ink left on the blending mat with water 
and blot a background paper.

Mmm.... which way to mount?

Yep. This way.

Edge and mount.

Less is more.

Clocks spring forward tonight.
And don’t forget to tune in to Rosie on HOCHANDA tomorrow.

Love & Hugs,